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HBL's Triumph Plus Advanced series is a valve-regulated lead-acid battery offering the highest reliability and advanced safety features. The battery requires no topping up and is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Triumph Plus saves space and maintenance – horizontally mounted in secure racks – the terminals are easily accessible for voltage checks while allowing the rack to be placed without requiring rear or side access.

These batteries are maintenance-free and do not require a temperature-controlled environment to operate – they have a wide operating temperature range between -20°C and +55°C. The use of Gas Recombination Technology means no water top-up is needed throughout the life of the battery.

The batteries are made with heavy-duty thick plates using a unique manufacturing process, making them suitable for higher cyclic life and efficient performance under the Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operating conditions. Also, another unique design feature is the use of sulphuric acid with special and proprietary additives for improved performance at higher temperatures, making it suitable for higher operating temperature/outdoor site operations.

It is a preferred choice for telecom BTS sites with solar energy or wind power, hybrid power systems, and microgrids. It provides network operators with significantly lower energy costs (OPEX) that will be incurred in cooling a network site. Operating conditions in these areas subject the batteries to deep cycling and partial state of charge operation. The challenge in maintaining site uptime through uninterrupted power is highly dependent on the consistent and reliable performance of the battery. HBL's Triumph Plus batteries are designed to meet the growing need for reliable power.

The batteries come with a fast-charging capability up to 0.3C rate and in a product range of 2V from 225Ah to 600Ah.

Triumph Plus advanced VRLA batteries are tested and certified as per IEC 60896-21&22:2004.