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Today, even an hour without telecommunications is unimaginable. People and businesses want to stay connected always and expect a network without disruption. To cater for the increased demand, telecom companies have expanded their portfolio to offer a variety of services across voice, data, and entertainment. As an industry that consumes a great deal of power, consistent and high-quality supply is essential to ensure networks operate uninterrupted.

Operators require back up power for fixed networks, BTS, microwave, FTTH, data cables and TV networks – each requiring their own battery backup system when there is no other source of electricity available.

HBL offers a comprehensive range of sealed lead acid, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) and nickel-cadmium batteries to suit the needs of the Telecom/data world. With over 200,000 sites worldwide equipped with our VRLA batteries, telecom companies in India and beyond trust us to meet their energy demands.

HBL designs and manufactures them to be robust and reliable, allowing operators to reduce power fluctuations that impact their network performance and provide back up in case of an outage. Our batteries solutions are designed to ensure easy handling and maintenance-free operation, provide effective space utilization, and come in a ready-to-use state.

With India's third-largest manufacturer in the telecom sector on your side, you are guaranteed dependability and quality.