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Batteries for Industrial UPS

Uninterruptible Power Systems are the last lines of defence for many critical power installations when the utility power fails or experiences a brownout. In hospitals, industrial plants, institutions and many other sites, a UPS is backing up the facility – and the battery installed there is backing up the UPS. In a power outage, the UPS is only as good as the battery behind it. Careful battery selection will ensure your electrical systems are protected and your critical data and processes are safe.

HBL has been supplying our batteries to the world’s most prominent Industrial UPS OEM’s for many years. We have operational installations in all of the major oil and gas producing regions of the world. From Kuwait to Mexico HBL supports critical business operations with our batteries at the heart of the UPS.

Where harsh environments demand the ultimate in reliability, we offer our valve-regulated nickel-cadmium batteries. Used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry in onshore and offshore installations, the nickel-cadmium battery provides the ultimate security for the UPS.

We offer battery sizing software to assist our customer's in accurate product selection – ensuring the choice of the most cost-effective solution. HBL designs, tests, and manufactures batteries specifically designed for UPS applications – ensuring total reliability, long life, and performance.


HBL offers 12V and 2V battery designs up to 6000Ahr depending on the rating and autonomy of the UPS system. VRLA batteries are maintenance-free and utilize a minimum footprint where space is at a premium. HBL 2V VRLA battery types come with seismic qualifications to give additional confidence in states where earthquakes are a risk.

Nickel-cadmium batteries

HBL pocket plate batteries are available in valve regulated and vented designs – with single strings up to 1500Ah. These batteries are ideally suited to hostile environments –where high and low temperatures are likely to be experienced. The tolerance to temperature extremes ensures a life often 3-4 times longer than VRLA designs. In addition, the nickel-cadmium batteries will tolerate long storage periods without charging and even significant overcharging. Such adverse conditions will seriously affect VRLA service life.

Lithium-ion batteries

HBL manufactures a growing range of Li-Ion UPS battery modules and onboard BMS systems for battery management. The HBL module design is intrinsically safe using LiFePO4 cell types. Supplied as a near "black-box" solution, the batteries require no maintenance throughout their lives. The rack mounted design reduces the necessary footprint to a minimum and can be mounted in the same room as the UPS. Li-Ion offers the user the best cycle life of any of the battery choices.

Whether it is a VRLA design for space savings, Li-ion for cycle life or a nickel-cadmium battery for the ultimate reliability, HBL has the right product for your application.