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Energy storage as a solution for different applications in the defence industry is high in the priority given the criticality of operations and sensitivity of instruments & electronics deployed for mission-critical operations. At HBL, we utilize the depth of our engineering team to provide the most resilient, safe, and compliant battery solutions that meet even the most stringent military standards.

HBL has an extremely active defence business, and we do this while meeting the confidentiality and security needs of our partners and end-users. HBL batteries are used for defence applications such as Silver Oxide Zinc batteries for Torpedo Propulsion, Sealed Lead acid Batteries for use on Battle Tanks and APC, Lithium Thermal batteries for use in Missiles and Torpedoes, Lithium Reserve batteries for Fuzes and batteries for use on defence aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs. We are also specialist suppliers of submarine propulsion batteries for diesel-electric submarines.

HBL can design, develop, test and supply batteries for these applications for OEMs or for replacement for the aftermarket.

We serve the Indian Armed Forces, international MOD and their prime contractors with both products and services’ tailored to their demanding needs.

We offer foreign defence contractors, operating in India, support to satisfy the offset obligations dictated in many major defence contracts. HBL has both a proven track record and 100% India-based resources to maximize the offset credit available. We also provide products on approved export programs for military organizations outside India.