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Data Center

Data centers are a critical, hidden part of the infrastructure for digitalized society. High-speed wireless networks, digitalization, new data-intensive technologies have led to the growth of data centers in organizations of all capacities.

Downtime is unacceptable as businesses rely on critical data and business process continuity, while their customers expect services to be available 24/7. A reliable battery to back up critical cloud services and local servers is required. HBL provides batteries for these applications and we have several ranges that are specifically designed to give even the demanding customers 100% confidence in the reliability of their standby power systems.

Similarly, Uninterruptible Power Systems are the last lines of defence for many critical power installations when the utility power fails or experience a brownout. In hospitals, banks, datacentres, industrial plants, and many other sites UPS is backing up the facility – and the battery installed there is backing up the UPS. In a power outage, the UPS is only as good as the battery behind it. Careful selection of the battery will ensure your electrical systems are protected and your key data and processes are safe.

HBL designs, tests, and manufactures batteries specifically designed for UPS applications – ensuring total reliability, long life, and performance.

Where backup is required for more than 15 minutes, we offer UL Recognized 2V Triumph HP VRLA products. These ensure total reliability and ensure the minimum footprint in your energy suite. They come with seismic qualifications to give additional confidence in states where earthquakes are a risk.

If your backup needs are of less than 15 minutes, then we offer a full range of thin grid, pure lead 12V Monobloc batteries. These are specifically designed for high discharge rates – and to be recharged faster than regular VRLA batteries - offering you protection again within 1 hour of a battery discharge. They can be supplied in cabinets or standard and seismically qualified open racks.

Where harsh environments demand the ultimate in reliability, we offer our valve regulated nickel-cadmium batteries. Used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry in onshore and offshore installations, the nickel-cadmium battery offers the ultimate security for the UPS.