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There are numerous requirements for stored energy in the railway environment. With technology deployment and taking over several manual operations, the need for reliable energy has only increased.

Railway operators require batteries designed for safe, reliable operation in one of the most demanding environments. Railway batteries must be rugged, designed to survive on-board rail vehicles and at the trackside. In passenger rail and metros on-board trains, the batteries must be designed for the utmost safety – to ensure security systems, lighting and communications are always maintained. At the trackside, reliability for the safe operation of grade crossings, signalling and communications are mandatory. Railways often operate their own radio networks – to allow train driver to ground communications – another critical service requiring battery back up.

HBL designs and manufactures a wide range of batteries specifically designed for the railway and has a service history to give total confidence to the user.

On-Board: HBL offers nickel-cadmium batteries for service in metros and mainline passenger coach fleets. These batteries are the most rugged, specifically designed for safety. Offering low maintenance, long lives, and trouble-free operation, HBL batteries can retrofit most rail cars to lower replacement costs and allow rail OEMs a cost-effective solution for new trains.

Trackside: HBL has a complete range of maintenance-free lead acid batteries and valve regulated nickel cadmium batteries. We offer VRLA pure lead monoblocs, and single cells optimised for railway use – and designed to be installed with minimum effort. HBL is now able to offer Li-Ion batteries which are the most compact designs, with extremely long cycle lives.

Our nickel-cadmium batteries are ideal replacements in grade crossing protection and signalling installations – especially where high temperatures prematurely degrade lead acid batteries.

Rail operators need large scale energy storage systems to power their vehicles – MW scale energy systems can ensure the continuity of supply and provide peak demand support. This can lower tariff and infrastructure costs.