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HBL’s pocket plate batteries are available as multi-voltage blocks to save space. The block battery ranges comply with IS 10918 & IEC 60623 and certified by M/s Dekra.

Nickel cadmium batteries offer the user the most reliable battery available for industrial applications today. They are extremely robust – sustaining electrical and physical abuse over their long lives and retaining that physical reliability even at end of life. As a result, they are often the battery of choice in UPS, switchgear, DC systems and in high vibration environments like diesel generator and turbine starting.

HBL manufactures the world’s widest range of Ni-Cd Batteries including Pocket Plate, Sintered Plate, Hybrid and Fibre Plate technologies and is recognized as one of the best Ni-Cd Battery production facilities in the world.

The field proven pocket plate electrode for nickel cadmium batteries is still considered to be one of the most reliable, robust designs of any battery. They survive in high temperature environments where lead batteries regularly fail – and perform in low temperatures when lead batteries need dramatic oversizing and risk freezing. The pocket plate battery has a proven track record from the Arctic to the deserts of the Middle East.

Cell Type Capacity Range (Ah) Typical Back-up Typical Applications
L - Low Rate
KBL (Block)
8 To 1680 Above 3 Hours Fire alarms, Emergency lighting, Telecom, Railway signaling, Switchgear protection,Photovoltaic, Cathodic protection.
M - Medium Rate
KBM (Block)
12 to 1460 60 Minutes to 3 Hours Switchgear protection, Emergency lighting, Motive power, Train lighting, Instrumentation and processcontrol, UPS, Electricvehicles.
H - High Rate
KBH (Block)
9 to 990 Below 60 Minutes Generator starting, UPS, Diesel locomotive cranking, Aircraft/Helicopter groundstarting, Electro magnetBatteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements