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X Cell Power Pack

X Cell Power Pack - PLT battery with built in charger

The Pure Lead-Tin VRLA battery has an unmatched peak power performance due to its thin plate design. This is a sealed maintenance free battery with no topping up required for life.

The Charger

The sophisticated SMPS battery charger with in-built protection ensures optimum charging of the batteries always. The periodic running of the Genset to charge the battery is therefore eliminated.

Superior Features and Benefits

Maintenance Free

No Topping up or Specific Gravity Checks


Filled and Factory Charged


In-built Charger ensures that Battery is always Fully Charged

Cost Advantage

Low Cost of Ownership over its Long Life Time


Integrated Battery + Charger System

Product Range

Power Pack for 15KVA to 1500KVA Gensets


Genset starting

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