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Ni-Cd Vented type PES Fibre plate


Rail batteries must be rugged, designed to survive on-board rail vehicles and at the trackside. In passenger rail and metros on-board trains, the batteries must be designed for the utmost safety – to ensure security systems, lighting and communications are always maintained. Knowing this, we continue to develop the safest battery designs to protect your passengers, personnel, and railway assets.

Using our extensive rail experience, HBL has developed a comprehensive range of long-lived nickel cadmium batteries specifically with safety in mind for metro rail operators and passenger railway coaches. These battery types utilise a novel golden transparent plastic that is both flame retardant and generates lower toxic smoke emissions if there is an external fire source. The clear plastic allows the easiest visual inspection of electrolyte levels and the internal condition of the battery.

The batteries are supplied as single cell designs for ease of exchange. They offer flame arrestor vents for added safety, terminal covers to avoid short circuits and solid copper inter-cell connectors. Where inter-row cables are used railway qualified cable is chosen to again avoid toxic smoke generation in the event of a fire close to the battery.

The batteries can be supplied in stainless steel carrying trays for ease of handling and shock protection. In addition, HBL can design, test, and manufacture entire undercar battery boxes for railcar OEMs. We have successfully supplied thousands of systems for railways in India, Germany, Turkey, USA and Canada to name a few.

The PES cased cells are specified and widely used in the toughest environments – in New York City Transit, Via Rail Canada, MBTA Boston, St Louis Metro, Amtrak, and many others. HBL has independent lab certifications for all the safety claims for this cell design.