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tubular Gel VRLA 2v

Tubular plate lead acid batteries are traditional lead batteries that offer proven reliability over their lives. The design is suited to most standby applications – but are particularly suited where power is regularly disconnected and the user has to rely on battery back up.

You never have to be unprepared for power failures with this reliable battery system by your side. Tubular Plate Lead acid is one of the most durable and dependable battery technologies available in the market today. Hence, it is the most trusted and time-tested fall-back plan for several critical industries. It is used in diverse applications across telecommunications, data centers, UPS, emergency power systems, street lighting and railways.

Tubular Gel lead-acid batteries are the most cost effective and longest lasting of the lead-acid batteries. HBL produces both a standard 2V single cell battery that allows for individual cell replacement and 12V monoblocks designed especially for those applications that require ease of installation and replacement.

Superior Features

  • Tubular positive plates - proven cycling and deep cycling capabilities.
  • Gelled electrolyte - no stratification and no failure due to PSOC, better heat dissipation.
  • Valve regulated - no water top up during service life.
  • Antimony free alloy - longer shelf life because of very low self discharge.
  • High pressure die cast spine grids - rate of grid corrosion is very low & hence higher float life.
  • Supplied in filled and charged condition - 100% capacity on first discharge.
  • Versatile in mounting - can be mounted both in horizontal and vertical orientation.

Product Range

  • 2V – 200Ah to 1250Ah (Parallel models up to 5000Ah can be offered)