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Sintered Plate Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Nickel cadmium batteries offer the user the most reliable battery available for aviation and railway applications today. They are extremely robust – sustaining physical abuse over their long lives and retaining that physical reliability even at end of life. As a result, they are often the battery of choice in passenger railway vehicles, majority of the worlds’ passenger aircraft and in high vibration environments like diesel generator and turbine starting.

HBL aircraft batteries are deployed on many military jets, as original equipment onboard the world’s longest range corporate jet and available for the most common civilian airliners in use today B737 and Airbus A320 families.

HBL manufactures the world’s widest range of Ni-Cd Batteries including Pocket Plate, Sintered Plate, Hybrid and Fibre Plate technologies and is recognized as one of the best Ni-Cd Battery production facilities in the world.

The NCSP batteries provide the power and energy necessary for high performance applications for aviation requirements. Manufactured in India, and compliant with global aviation, safety, quality, and environmental standards.