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The energy generated through solar, and wind may not be continuous but that does not mean its availability is not to be so. Given the source and nature of renewable energy, be it solar, wind, etc., generation could vary depending on climatic conditions. Renewable energy generated at a point in time in all probability will not be consumed at the same time. Thus, storage is a vital aspect to make renewable energy economically viable, which is where stored energy solutions come into play.

HBL offers batteries that survive in cycling applications – with daily charge and discharge duty. We offer Lithium Ion, tubular plate gel VRLA batteries along with a proven range of flat plate VRLA batteries. They offer excellent cycling characteristics and require no topping up. We can offer custom Lithium based systems, 12V Monobloc designs and for larger installations a 2V VRLA format.

Driven by cost reduction of Li-Ion and technological progress that allows batteries to store ever-larger amounts of energy, grid-scale systems are seeing significant growth. In larger grid storage applications, HBL can design and deliver large containerized systems up to MW scale.