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Oil & Gas

The criticality of the oil & gas industry encompassing upstream and downstream operations requires the most reliable backup power. In addition to operations, backup power is essential for managing safety apparatus and to ensure environmental protection. Given the harsh conditions and the fact that the industry works both onshore and offshore, energy storage solutions need to be robust enough to not only power the loads but also survive in the harshest environment.

Process control, UPS, turbine starting and control, life safety systems, switchgear and emergency lighting all require reliable battery backup. The battery is often the last line of defence when all other power sources fail. It must be reliable – when it is called upon, it must perform. HBL offers batteries with the highest reliability for critical sites – we select the optimum chemistry and design the battery to maximise performance and life. We ensure that when it is called upon to work – it does.

Operational costs matter to all operators in oil and gas. Maintenance is costly in many remote, offshore, or inaccessible locations – oil and gas users expect batteries that require easy installation, long lives, no topping up and minimal surveillance.

HBL offers the widest range of batteries available today for an industrial battery company. For total security, our nickel-cadmium batteries are optimised to survive and perform in the heat of the desert or the on the most remote offshore platforms.

We design, manufacture, and deploy a full range of batteries, power systems, and services to support your business operations. We fully comply with project specifications and timelines to support the demands of the oil and gas industry. Our engineers are experienced in assisting oil and gas users from the field and refineries, from the Middle East to the Gulf of Mexico.

HBL stands ready to work alongside your engineering teams to design, manufacture and support world-class power systems and batteries wherever you require them.