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Private Label

Whatever your battery requirements are, HBL has a solution that fits your specifications - with products ranging from consumer alkaline products to industrial-grade primary lithium cells.

As a large-scale manufacturer of batteries, we understand the need for private labelling for customers who want to build their market presence but require a partner who knows their industry as much as they do. Owing to our strong technical expertise, HBL has been a reliable partner for several agencies and companies across the world.

HBL can support your business in the following ways:

  • Capture Aftermarket Sales – a private labelled battery has a strong potential for revenue long after the first sale.
  • Extend your range – HBL has products that can immediately complement your in-house product abilities.
  • Enter new markets – geographical reach or local codes are challenging. HBL has the deep local knowledge to deliver specific requirements based on location.
  • Contract manufacturing – Secure manufacturing capacity without major capital investments by outsourcing your designs to us.
  • Reach out to know how we can partner in your success.