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GENON by HBL is the first choice for reliability in engine/DG starting applications. GENON ensures your engine will start when called on – guaranteeing you are never left in the dark. GENON is the choice for professional power engineers and maintainers and is in service in many critical installations – hospitals, industry, datacentres and many others. GENON is a long life battery technology – when others have been replaced, GENON will still be working for you.

The Pure Lead Thin VRLA battery has an unmatched peak power performance due to its thin plate design. This is a sealed maintenance free battery with no topping up required for life. Made with state-of-art ‘Pure Lead Thin Plate’ technology, Genon batteries deliver high cranking currents. GENON performance in high or low temperatures is excellent making sure your genset starts in cold weather. The terminals with copper alloy ensure high electrical conductivity, and prevent corrosion and wear & tear.

With a low self-discharge, these maintenance-free batteries will provide an assured start even after and extended period without charging. All GENON batteries comply to international standard IEC 60095-1:2006.

The batteries come in 5 models and are delivered in factor charged and ready to use condition.

  1. GN 32-12: 12V battery model - typically used for genset with rating of 7.5 KVA and 10 KVA.
  2. GN 65-12: 12V battery model - typically used for 15KVA to 140 KVA gensets.
  3. GN 65-12: With two batteries of 12V each, it is best suited for gensets with a rating of 160 KVA to 380 KVA.
  4. GN 100-12: With two 12V batteries it is best suited for gensets rating of 500 KVA to 625 KVA.
  5. GN 160-12: With two batteries of 12V each can take the load of gensets with a ranting of 750 KVA to 1500 KVA.