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VRLA Battle Tank Battery

Reliability is non-negotiable for the worlds military. When the vehicle needs to start – it must start. HBL has provided thousands of batteries for critical starting of military vehicles – including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and military trucks. The BR100 batteries have a NATO stock number and are qualified for battlefield use.

Based on Pure Lead Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology these batteries are designed using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators that render the batteries spill-proof for military use. They tolerate extreme conditions of temperature, shock and vibration. The sealed construction ensures that the battery does not leak and is safe in any position. With a higher life expectancy than traditional starter batteries, pure lead acid batteries are cost-effective and meet advanced safety standards.

HBL’s Battle Tank VRLA batteries employ pure lead thin plate technology for the highest performance under the harshest conditions. Offering total reliability to start war fighting machines. The batteries are designed to fit standard NATO battery dimensions and are used by many military customers and vehicle OEMs. Battle Ready batteries are delivered fully charged and are ready for use.