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HRL : Providing A More Affordable Option

Here at HBL we recognize that public safety, reliability, and systems performance are critical aspects of the railway industry. We also believe these principles should not coincide with a substantial cost to the user. HRL C&S batteries support railway companies ongoing initiatives to reduce their overall spend, while still maintaining these exceptional advantages.



Long service life (20+ years float life @ 20⁰C)

Ultra low maintenance

Resistance to mechanical, environmental, and electrical extremes

Operation in both hot & cold climactic regions

Fast charging & optimal cycling

Compatible with all charging equipment types


Standing up to the Heat

Trackside equipment is not always found in the most accommodating environments. It is for that reason the HRL series is designed and equipped to withstand the harsh environments these batteries are exposed to. Nickel-Cadmium pocket plate batteries are the most dependable and rugged battery type available on the market with a normal operating temperature of -20⁰C to +40⁰C and capable of extremes up to -40⁰C to +55⁰C.

HRL batteries lose only 20% of their 20 year service life for every 18⁰F rise in temperature, whereas the typical lead acid battery loses 50% of its life. The combination of flooded electrolyte with a vented design assists in proper thermal management more effectively than the absorbed electrolyte concept in VRLA batteries; thus preventing negative affects such as “sudden death” failure, thermal runaway, and cell dry out seen in the VRLA battery types.


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