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Tubular Plate

OPzS Series

HBL OPzS batteries are robust and proven tubular plate technology batteries, ideal for use in all standby and deep cycling applications that require highest levels of Reliability. They are designed and manufactured according to DIN Standard.

Technical characteristics

Positive Electrode : Tubular plate with low antimony lead alloy.

Negative Electrode : Pasted grid plate.

Separator : Microporous ribbed PE separator.

Electrolyte : Diluted sulphuric acid 1.24 kg/lt @ 200C

Container : High impact, transparent SAN with electrolyte level marks Max/Min

Vent plug : Safety flame arrester vent plug

Terminals : Leak proof pole with brass insert

Connectors : Bolt-on type copper connector


Product specifications

Long service life : 20 years at 200C

Cycle life : 1500 cycles at 80%DOD

Self discharge : < 3% per month at 200C 

Float Voltage : 2.23 Volts per cel

Boost Voltage : 2.4 Volts per cell

Recommended operating Temperature range: 00C to +550C (preferred is 200C)



  • Telecommunications
  • Power generation
  • Substation
  • Signaling, Control & Regulating systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Data Processing Systems
  • Wind & Solar Energies
  • UPS


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