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To complete the DC power system, HBL offers the AT Series battery chargers.

The AT is the world's easiest operation float battery charger. With over 20 years of proven reliability, it has become the industry's gold standard for all stationary battery charging applications.

Chargers are available in single- and three-phase models and can accommodate 50 and 60Hz frequencies.  Output ranges from 12Vdc to 130Vdc and 6Adc to 1000Adc.


Standard features include

• Universal control card for all models

• Alarm assembly with LEDs and remote contact

• High dc voltage shutdown

• Float / equalize selector with LEDs

• Automatic and manual equalize timer

• Input and output circuit breakers

• 1% digital LED meter indication

• Self-diagnostic circuit

• Switchboard wiring

• Temperature compensation circuit


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