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Sintered Positive and Pasted Negative batteries

Nickel cadmium KRM, KRX batteries are specially designed using sintered positive plates and pasted negative plates for rail applications.

The sintered positive plates are manufactured using a high-temperature sintering process to form strong plates, which can survive the rigors of rail applications. The pasted negative plates are specially designed with high power density and have reduced water consumption. The sintered micro-porous separators and membrane separators provide insulation between the plates and permits free flow of ions.

These batteries use polypropylene cell containers with thermally welded lids for high impact resistance. Flame retardant containers and lids are optional. Steel or copper terminals and fasteners give these batteries the ruggedness required to meet the demanding application needs. Single cells are provided with reliable flame-arresting vents and are assembled in stainless steel crates for easy handling.

The NCSP technology is considerably lighter in weight and hence has high energy density. 

Sintered Plate batteries are manufactured in 2 series (KRM, KRX) based on their performance capabilities and application.

KRM Nickel cadmium single cell batteries are designed to provide fail-safe emergency back-up power for lighting, air-conditioning, radio communication, door control, computing and other applications requiring medium power.

KRX Nickel cadmium single cell batteries are designed for diesel engine starting, emergency braking and other applications requiring high power for short durations. KRX has exceptionally good performance even at very low temperatures and starting is guaranteed even at temperatures as low as -20°C.

Electrolyte level in all the single cells can be visually monitored to facilitate maintenance. For special requirements, the containers can be offered in flame-retardant polypropylene, structural foam-molded polypropylene.


Superior Features:

Optimized performance to suit application requirements (specific design for each application).

Fits in a very small space (saves 20% to 60% of space used over conventional lead acid batteries).

Lighter than conventional lead acid batteries (reduction in 20% to 50% of the weight of conventional lead acid batteries).

Performs even at extremely low temperatures (less than -20°C).

No topping-up with water required for long periods.

Low ownership cost (savings up to 50% of conventional lead acid battery cost when considered over its lifetime).

Long life.

Reliable construction (no risk of sudden death as in the case of conventional lead acid batteries).

Quick-charge capacity (accepts more than 90% of charge within 5 hours.

Can withstand extreme ambient Temperatures from +70°C to -50°C.


Conform to the following international standards:

IRIS Certified

IEC 60623

UIC 854 R

BS 6260

IEC 60077

DIN 40771 

NFF 64018


Cell Type Capacity Range (Ah)
(Single cells )
25 to 340
(Single cells )
22 to 220


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