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KRM KRX PS batteries are designed using highly stable sintered positive and pasted negative plates which combines reduced maintenance and less operating costs. KRM, KRX are best choice for long-life and consistent performance under severe operating & cyclic conditions, which often exist in these applications.

KRM PS Nickel cadmium single cell batteries are designed to provide fail-safe emergency back-up power for lighting, air-conditioning, radio communication, door control, computing and other applications requiring medium power.

KRX PS Nickel cadmium single cell batteries are designed for diesel engine starting, emergency braking and other applications requiring high power for short durations. KRX has exceptionally good performance even at very low temperatures and starting is guaranteed even at temperatures as low as -20°C.

Nickel cadmium KRM PS, KRX PS series are constructed using Sintered positive and Pasted Negative electrodes. The sintered positive plates are manufactured using a high temperature sintering process to form a strong plate, which can survive the rigors of the rail applications. The pasted negative electrode is designed with high power density and has less water consumption, thus reduces the periodicity of topping–up the cells with DI water. The sintered micro-porous separators and membrane separators provide insulation between the plates and permits free flow of electrolyte.

KRM PS, KRX PS batteries are housed in plastic Polysulfone containers which are transparent in nature so that electrolyte levels can be visualized easily. Polysulfone containers are flame retardant complying with NFPA standard. The cells are provided with flame arresting vents and are firmly held in stainless steel crates for ruggedness, easy handling. If requested, the cells can be provided with integrated water filling system.


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