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Pasted Plate

HBL's flat plate vented lead acid batteries are the ideal energy source for standby applications like Switchgear & Power generation plants that require high reliability and performance. The batteries are engineered to give excellent high rate discharge performance required by UPS applications.


These batteries are designed with proprietary manufacturing techniques, quality components and materials for reduced maintenance along with extended battery life that makes it an ideal power supply for Telecommunications, Utilities and other critical backup operations.


Flat Plate Vented batteries are available in two types :

  • Lead Selenium Low Antimony Alloy (SF Series)
  • Lead Calcium Alloy


Superior Features

  • Excellent high rate performance
  • Design float life of 20 Years at 25°C
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • High charging efficiencies
  • Very high operational reliability


Product Range

  • 2V - 80Ah to 420Ah



  • UPS applications - Data Centers, Network Operation Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Substation/Switchgear
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Industrial Process Control Systems
  • Emergency back up requirements - Banks, Hospitals etc.,


Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements

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